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“I’m a big believer that sports teach us many of the most valuable mental, physical, and spiritual lessons we can learn in life. Cory Reese has written a deeply personal memoir about overcoming depression with the healing lessons he learned as an ultramarathon runner. Whether you are a runner or not, the profound lessons in this book translate to all areas of life. Stronger Than the Dark is a powerful story of overcoming adversity with grit, courage, and unflinching honesty.”

~ Darrin Donnelly, bestselling author of Think Like a Warrior


“In his new book Stronger Than the Dark, Cory Reese opens up about depression in a way that readers can immediately relate to. Reese shows us that even a hardened ultra marathoner can struggle in life. He demonstrates that there is strength in vulnerability. Anyone who has struggled with depression will be comforted by the constant message that we have nothing to be ashamed of, and that we are not alone.”

~ Kara Goucher, two-time Olympian, and author of Strong


"Riveting and propulsive, Cory Reese proves that you needn't fear the darkness if you have the light inside."

~ Dean Karnazes, ultramarathoner and NY Times bestselling author


“Stronger Than the Dark is a jaw-dropping glimpse into the personal struggles of one of our favorite and most upbeat ultrarunning personalities. Cory’s journey to find his path out of the darkness is an inspiration to anyone who struggles, in running, or in life.”

~ Scott Kummer, Ten Junk Miles Podcast


"Cory Reese's Stronger Than the Dark is worth its weight in gold--honest, funny, heartfelt, and ultimately inspiring."

~ Matt Fitzgerald, author of Life Is a Marathon


“Stronger Than the Dark is an amazing story. Cory touches on a subject so many live in silence with: depression. His journey teaches that it’s okay to not be okay, and you can get through those dark times.”

~ Catra Corbett, author of Reborn on the Run


"Cory Reese, arguably the most endearing and funny character in the ultrarunning community, has written a powerful sequel to his earlier books that reveals the complexity of his personal struggles and confronts the reality that running long distances won’t solve all his problems. While still delivering one-liners that will make readers laugh out loud, Stronger than the Dark unpacks the serious, sneaky and debilitating symptoms of depression, and details how a 314-mile footrace became the beginning of a journey to get help. Facing a personal crisis of faith and an unexpected rare illness, Cory keeps running ultras not to escape or suppress his feelings, but rather to enhance his ability to cope and to open up about them."

~ Sarah Lavender Smith, ultrarunning coach and author of The Trail Runner’s Companion: A Step-by-Step Guide to Trail Running and Racing, from 5Ks to Ultras


"Cory’s ability to weave heartwarming stories of running, family and friendship throughout his battle with depression are captivating. He exposes readers to an emotional rawness while tackling some of the hardest moments of his life, and yet continues to find courage and the ability to laugh during the toughest of times. This book is a must read for everyone.”

~ Amy A. Clark, editor of UltraRunning Magazine


“Stronger Than The Dark is a beautiful, powerful examination of what happens when we realize that there doesn't need to be a bright light at the end of the tunnel for the tunnel to be awesome. Running, and other hard things make us vulnerable, and in that vulnerability is our true strength. Cory's strength made us explore our own, giving a beautiful reminder: we are in this together, and we’ve got this.”

~ David Roche, author of The Happy Runner


“Many times, one does not know how much is within until mayhem strikes. When one can overcome adversity in sport and life, the satisfaction is even greater. In Stronger than the Dark, Cory brilliantly and beautifully illustrates how to love your comeback – and yourself in the process.”

~ Jim Afremow, author of The Champion’s Mind    

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