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Would you like to book Cory to speak at an upcoming conference, workshop, race, or event? Speaking topics include:

~ 5 Tools for Building Resilience.

~ Enjoy the Journey and Unlock Your Potential.

~ Getting Comfortable Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone.

~ The Skill of Self-Confidence.

~ Accepting Challenges In Order To Overcome Them.

~ The Secret to Becoming Mentally Strong.

What people are saying:

“Cory has sustained and endured mental and physical pain through the endurance races he has participated in. Much of what he has learned from these experiences is about being resilient. His experience and advice translates well into helping cope with stress, hardship, and pain. His five principles for resilience provide a nice framework to help overcome challenges life throws in our path.”
~ Mitch Cloward, Administrator, St. George Regional Hospital

“Cory is both humble and inspiring. He truly has the ability to connect with his audience on a personal level. His communication of personal challenges and conquests has a unique mix of vulnerability and authenticity that pulls people in. Cory helps others believe they too can be brave and overcome personal challenges.”
~ Steve Hooper, Owner, St. George Running Center

“It's not often that you find someone who's lived experience resonates with almost everyone. Cory may reference running but his powerful message is applicable to everyone both in work and life.”
– Josh Aikens, Chief of Staff, Zonos Software

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