Into the Furnace

non-fiction, 2018

When life turns up the heat, you have two choices. You can bend and break, or you can step boldly into the furnace and let your soul catch fire.

Into The Furnace explores the inner workings of bravery, hope, and passion. These themes are framed against the backdrop of the Badwater Ultramarathon – a 135 mile race across the hottest place on the planet - Death Valley.

Cory Reese has walked into the furnace. He has faced adversity, both in running and in life. His book captures the essence of what it means to suffer, what it means to persevere, and ultimately, what it means to create a life of clarity and purpose.

Nowhere Near First

non-fiction, 2016

In Nowhere Near First, Cory allows readers inside the heart, mind, and soul of an ultramarathon runner. In a heart-wrenching account of his father's suicide as a child, he shows how this tragedy became fuel to live life to the fullest.

Cory weaves his unmistakable humor through incredible stories of his ultramarathon adventures. The book provides a glimpse into the demands of training for endurance races, the mental aspect of ultrarunning, and the satisfaction of challenging personal potential.

Nowhere Near First is sure to leave readers inspired to dream big, jump high, run far, and shine bright.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction - At least my eye lashes didn’t hurt
  2. The Electric Wheelchair Through Target - Across The Years 2015
  3. I Learned How To Suffer - The formative years
  4. The Opposite Of A Natural Born Runner - High school track, marriage, and a desire to run a marathon
  5. Rubbing Curling Irons On My Legs - St. George Marathon 2009
  6. My Mother-In-Law’s Meatloaf - The first time my running shoes met dirt
  7. That Time I Swallowed A Gremlin - Stories from half marathons and marathons
  8. You’re Going To Have To Jump - Taking chances, being brave, and living life to the fullest
  9. I’m Sorry To Tell You This, But They’re Both Broken - An impromptu ultramarathon, 2011
  10. Intentional Suffering - Lessons from working with the chronically ill
  11. I Barfed All Over My Shoes - My first 100 mile race, 2011
  12. I’ve Never Seen Breaking Bad - Balancing running and family
  13. It’s Fun and Impresses The Opposite Sex - Running with buffaloes on Antelope Island
  14. Resisting The Urge To Hug Random Mountain Bikers - Getting myself into a risky situation on Gooseberry Mesa
  15. I Was One Of Those Zombies - Experiences at the Zion 100
  16. Mosquitoes Sucked Out My Dignity - Unusual experiences during ultramarathon training
  17. Don’t Talk To The Care Bears - Mastering the mental side of ultrarunning
  18. When You Get Caught On Ultrarunner Candid Camera - Thoughts on DNFs
  19. Set It And Forget It - Running a sub-24 hour 100 miler, 2014
  20. Fueled By Hostess - Solo 100 milers, 2014
  21. Choose Kindness. Choose Patience. Choose Love. - My connection with Robin Williams
  22. Running On A Crisco-Covered Slip and Slide - Bear 100, 2014
  23. The Tale Of The Three Unwise Men - Developing and executing a successful race strategy
  24. Inspiration From The Man With The Cowbell - Hurricane Hundred, 2014
  25. Running Like A Sloth On Ambien - Wasatch 100, 2015
  26. “Fast” Cory Is A Fraud - A perspective from the back of the pack
  27. It Started With The Conversation We Had During Seinfeld - Quadruple St. George Marathon, 2015
  28. So Many Selfie Sticks - Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim, 2015
  29. I Was The Guy In The Cat Leotard - Across The Years, 2016
  30. Conclusion

Into the Furnace

Available in print, Kindle, and Audible.

Nowhere Near First

Available in print, Kindle, and Audible.

“Cory Reese has penned a very personal account of overcoming hardship in his personal and athletic life. Nowhere Near First tells his story of perseverance and survival in a vivid, down and dirty way that peaks with his extraordinarily positive way of looking at life.”

Marshall Ulrich, author of Running On Empty

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