Nowhere Near First

Long before Cory Reese strapped on his first pair of running shoes, he learned the key to being a successful ultrarunner: he knew how to suffer.

In Nowhere Near First, Cory shares his deeply personal story about experiencing his father’s suicide at a young age, and how this experience led to a career in endurance running and a desire to live life to the fullest.

Nowhere Near First is a humorous, captivating, and uplifting account of Cory’s memorable ultramarathon experiences. Not only does Cory’s entertaining and powerful writing allow readers a unique perspective into the challenges and rewards of running, but it also inspires each of us to turn tragedy into triumph. 

"Cory Reese writes with humor, humbleness and honesty. His story is both uplifting and real, and his tales of persistence and perseverance are sure to inspire, whether you’re at the front of the pack or nowhere near first. Regardless of the title, this book’s a winner!"

Dean Karnazes, author of Ultramarathon Man

I found this little gem during my 100 miler in southern Utah this past weekend.Yesterday I finished a solo 100 miler on the More Cowbell Trail in southern Utah. I think that was my 25th 100+ mile run.I'm planning to try to run a solo 100 miler here tomorrow: the More Cowbell Trail in southern Utah. The I am in love with the Monument Valley area. It was cool to get a run in on the Forrest Gump Highway.The cold temps have finally hit southern Utah.I just finished a challenging 45 day fitness/clean eating program called MP45. I feel good! I'm starting to see muscles I haven't seen before. I liked the structure of knowing exactly what exercises to do and exactly what to eat each day. I think that strength will help me be a better runner.I caught this shot of @newageathlete going for the win at Capstone 50k in southern Utah over the weekend.The holidays will be here soon! My book

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