Nowhere Near First

Long before Cory Reese strapped on his first pair of running shoes, he learned the key to being a successful ultrarunner: he knew how to suffer.

In Nowhere Near First, Cory shares his deeply personal story about experiencing his father’s suicide at a young age, and how this experience led to a career in endurance running and a desire to live life to the fullest.

Nowhere Near First is a humorous, captivating, and uplifting account of Cory’s memorable ultramarathon experiences. Not only does Cory’s entertaining and powerful writing allow readers a unique perspective into the challenges and rewards of running, but it also inspires each of us to turn tragedy into triumph. 

"Cory Reese writes with humor, humbleness and honesty. His story is both uplifting and real, and his tales of persistence and perseverance are sure to inspire, whether you’re at the front of the pack or nowhere near first. Regardless of the title, this book’s a winner!"

Dean Karnazes, author of Ultramarathon Man

A SWEET view of Smith Mesa from the Zion course of the Grand Circle Trailfest. I had so much fun running this.Uh oh. Mid-trail standoff with cows.From yesterday's run through a southern Utah kaleidoscope.An autumn sunrise at Kolob Reservoir.Mother Earth's checker board.Sunrise on Gooseberry Mesa overlooking Zion National Park during Trailfest last week.I loved the Grand Circle Trailfest SO, SO much. We ran 44 miles on the most beautiful trails of Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Grand Canyon. I feel so blessed to have legs that will carry me to some of the coolest places on the planet.This is Craig Lloyd, owner of Trail and Ultra Running. Apparently when you take a picture with him, your legs decide against your will that it would be cool to look like Peter Pan.

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