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Cory mixes his unmistakable humor and detail into a few dozen short chapters that can be read all at once or spread out over time. From his tear-jerking teenage years with his father to running races dressed as Mexican wrestlers to the fine art of balancing ultra-training and family life, Cory paints a real-life picture of a normal, passionate guy in a crazy sport filled with other fun characters. If you're just starting out on your running path, you'll have a better understanding of what you're getting into, and if you're a grizzled ultra veteran, you'll connect to the details and emotions of this wacky sport.

~ Eric Schranz, Host,

Cory Reese’s book “Nowhere Near First” is an immensely entertaining and profoundly educational story about overcoming challenges to forge a meaningful life. As it recounts his ultrarunning exploits in funny and insightful ways, his story and experiences are universal and relevant to all readers as they pursue their dreams and face the inevitable suffering and setbacks along the way. Reese’s story is must-read for people looking to find meaning and purpose in modern day society, and as they choose the paths and actions that will define the 21st century. Read this book - you will enjoy it and it will make the world a better place for everyone.

~ Karl Hoagland, Publisher, UltraRunning Magazine

Nowhere Near First is a book about an ordinary guy doing extraordinary things. The point isn't just Cory. The point is you can actually do this yourself.

~ Vanessa Runs, Author of The Summit Seeker and Daughters of Distance

Ultramarathons have a way of stripping you bare. All the outside layers are peeled away like an onion and you are left alone with your doubts and fears and a finish line that feels like an eternity away. But step after step, minute after minute, hour after hour that finish line gets closer. And when you find it, all the doubts and fears vanish, replaced by triumph.


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