• I have no doubt that I could eat my weight in pumpkin pie.
  • I would give anything to be able to grow a moustache like Burt Reynolds.
  • Our family has a Great Dane we named Little Debbie.
  • I have a bad reputation for passing out when I get my blood drawn.
  • I would love to be the director of a Gospel choir. Not that I know how to sing. Or have the slightest clue how to direct music.
  • My chemistry teacher in high school drank more Mountain Dew than should be legal for human consumption.
  • I hate airplanes, fake crime dramas on television, and Celine Dion music.
  • I’m thankful I’m a social worker instead of a figure skater because wearing sequins to work every day sounds miserable.
  • I’ve never met a doughnut I didn’t like.
  • My car traps odors. You can smell a Big Mac for a week.
  • During the times I’m not busy being a husband, father, social worker, or runner, I play and compose piano music.
  • I can’t understand how people could possibly enjoy Cream Of Mushroom soup.
  • Not too long ago, when I answered a knock on our door, the lady asked if my mom was home.



Then there’s the family stuff. My wife Melanie is a nurse practitioner and I love her. My kids Jackson, Danica, and Kylee are awesome. I love them too. Sometimes we get busy and have cereal for dinner. (I love me a big bowl of Raisin Bran.) That Great Dane I mentioned earlier is a master counter surfer. You turn your head for a split second and that piece of pizza on your plate will vanish.


And then there’s the running stuff. I really love the running stuff. I love to run far and challenge my body to see what I’m capable of. I love the difficulty, dedication, and triumph that can come from running. I love seeing the perseverance and support and encouragement of the running community. I really, really love the running community. At least as much as a thick slick of pumpkin pie. Now that’s saying something.


  • Columnist for UltraRunning Magazine
  • Only person to complete a quadruple St. George Marathon
  • Race director of the Baker's Dozen Half Marathon
  • Ran a 100 miler per month in 2014
  • Piano composer (music can be found on iTunes or Spotify under Cory Reese)
  • Ran 205 miles at Across The Years 72 hour race
  • Brand rep for Altra, Tailwind Nutrition, St. George Running Center, UltrAspire, and Ultra Adventures

Ultramarathons teach you a valuable lesson: It is possible to suffer….and keep going. It is possible to suffer….and not give up. It is possible to suffer….and become stronger because of it. This one lesson is applicable to everyday life more than anything else I’ve learned through running.